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Northern Maine Hunting Lodge - Wadleigh Mountain Camps

Wadleigh Mountain Camps, Oxbow, MaineWadleigh Mountain Camps first opened in the early 1970’s. Over the past four decades, the camps have gained a reputation of providing clean, comfortable and affordable accommodations in some of the best hunting and outdoor recreation areas the state has to offer.
Northern Maine is characterized by huge tracts of primarily undeveloped land. Much of this land is open to public use for hunting, fishing and recreating. The camps are nestled within thousands of acres of forestland, rich in game species and natural beauty. The surrounding region is sprinkled with small trout ponds, crystal clear streams and larger rivers. You can walk from the front door of the lodge and hunt, fish, hike or explore for the entire day, and not see another person.

During the winter months, we are conveniently located directly on the Maine snowmobile trail system (ITS 85). Snowmobilers can relax in modern comfort and ride directly to/from the lodge on their sleds. There are also many opportunities for skiing and snowshoeing.
Wadleigh Mountain Camps is unique because we provide a complete remote wilderness experience with all modern amenities. Hot showers, flush toilets, generated electricity, satellite TV and hot-tub, just to name a few. To top it all off, meals are home-cooked, hearty and delicious.