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Maine Deer Hunting

Spend some time this fall at a Northern Maine deer hunting lodge. Hunting deer in this remote region has it challenges. The immense size of the habitat makes is harder to pattern these monster bucks. With tens of thousands of acres of contiguous forest, it becomes essential to pattern these deer and learn their traits. With patience and the experience of a knowledgeable local guide, large deer can be found and harvested. Hunting this country can be tough but with determination, the rewards are great.

As deer season progress from rifle hunting in November to Muzzleloader hunting in December, the deer's habits change. They enter the fall rut and begin to prepare for the long winter ahead. During this time it is generally most productive to find travel corridors and feeding / bedding areas. Stand and blind hunting overlooking these travel routes can and does produce large deer. Each year in this region many deer are shot over 200 lbs. Despite the recent decline in deer populations, this area does and will continue to grow monster whitetails.

Joel Deabay Registered Maine GuidePre-season scouting and knowledge of the area is necessary to find these monster bucks. At Wadleigh Mountain Camps, that is our job. We work full time in the surrounding forests and put our knowledge to work for our clients. We are always looking for new productive hunting areas.

Deer Hunting Rates

Fully Guided Maine Deer Hunt- Limited Availability, Contact Us for details.

Fully Guided 6-day Deer Hunt- $1,400.00 per person

Unguided 6-day Deer Hunt- $700.00 per person

**All hunts include meals and lodging. 50% deposit required to confirm reservation. Additional packages available.