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Maine Hunting Trips

Fully guided hunts include:

  • Home cooked meals and lodging
  • Field dressing game
  • Animal recovery
  • Transportation to the tagging station
  • Butcher shop also available

Taxidermy referrals are also available if you need assistance preserving your trophy hunt memories.

Hunting in the north Maine woods is an experience you will never forget. With thousands of acres of undeveloped land and abundant game, northern Maine is a sportsman's paradise. Grouse, Woodcock, Moose, Deer, Bear and Coyote are all found in this remote part of the state. Wadleigh Mountain Camps were established in the 1970's and have provided hunters with relaxing, clean and affordable accomodations for decades. Your stay at Wadleigh Mountain Camps will put you in the midst of some of the best big and small game hunting opportunities in the northeast. Our services include comfortable, clean accomodations and guided, semi-guided and unguided hunts for most game species. Whether you choose to go it alone or want a fully guided Maine hunt, we have a package for you.

Our professional guides work throughout the year scouting hunting areas to ensure client success. We pridefully offer some of the best hunting in northern Maine. If you don't see what your looking for, please feel free to ask. We will gladly modify our services to meet our clients needs.

Upland Bird Hunting - Wingshooting for Grouse and Woodcock

Maine Grouse HuntingNorthern Maine is known for some of the best grouse hunting in the country. Whether you enjoy hunting Woodcock in the river bottoms and alder flats or Grouse in seldom hunted covers, we have it all. Upland hunt over our champion blood line English Pointers, or your own dogs; the choice is yours. Nothing beats the thundering flush of a Ruffed Grouse over a pointing dog. Our guided Grouse and Woodcock hunts will absolutely excite the most seasoned wing shooters. More >> Upland Bird Hunts

Maine Moose Hunts

Maine Moose HuntingThe Maine Moose is the largest mammal in the state. Every fall several thousand lucky permit holders head to the woods in search of these large creatures. Each year many trophy Moose are harvested throughtout the state. Wadliegh Mountain Camps is positioned in some of the finest Moose hunting territory that Maine has to offer. The camps are centrally located in Moose Hunting Zone 5, and with a short drive many adjacent zones can easily be reached. Let our experience and knowledge of the area and pre-season scouting work for you. Our guided Moose hunts will put you in some of the best Moose habitat in the U.S. More >> Maine Moose Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Whitetail Deer HuntingThe woods of northern Maine are renowned for growing large Whitetail Deer. Trophy Whitetails are regularly harvested in this region and just last year several bucks over 200 lbs. were taken within a few miles of camp. Maine has and will continue to grow large deer. Our experience and guiding expertise will put you where these large monsters roam. More >> Whitetail Deer Hunting

Fall Black Bear Hunts

Maine Bear HuntingWadleigh Mountain Camps is located in the finest Black Bear habitat in the northeast and we offer a second to none Northern Maine Black Bear Hunting experience, fully guided all inclusive bait or hound hunts. Here you will have the best opportunity to harvest a northern Maine Black Bear. More >> Black Bear Hunting

Coyote Hunting

Maine has a very healthy population of Coyotes. This canine predator, places a huge stress on our deer herds, especially during winter months. We encourage our hunting guests to help us control the populations of this prolific predator. As an incentive, we offer free Coyote hunting to our guests. Simply pay our normal lodging rates and you can hunt from our baited blinds for free. If your really adventurous, you can also try and call these wary predators into shooting range. Contact us directly for more details on this great offer. More >> Coyote Hunting